Ways You Can Help

Register to become an organ donor.
Once registered, share your decision with your family and loved ones.
Be a living donor – blood, platelets, bone marrow, kidney, lung, liver.
Check to see if your employer makes matching donation.
Host a fundraising event in your home or business.
Advocate for ONE8FIFTY to help raise awareness & inspire others.
Learn the facts & help educate others about the dire need.
Host a lunch & learn event at your business, club, or place of worship.


90% of Americans support organ donation, yet only 30% know the steps to become registered.
ONE8FIFTY intends to be the driving force to change donor INTENT to CONSENT.
If you’re not already an organ donor, please register today.
If you are registered, please share your decision with family and friends.
If you believe in organ donation, help educate others about the dire need.

ONE8FIFTY is a NYS Non-Profit Corporation IRS 501(C)3 designation.

Donate securely via PayPal, or using a credit or debit card.